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Jesus calls us to “love our neighbors as ourselves”.  Unfortunately, with the busyness of our culture and the isolating nature of our neighborhoods, we often don’t know our neighbors very well.  We don’t know the stories behind the front doors.  In an attempt to help people from Greenwood get to know their neighbors, the Missions Team is offering a grant for a party or dinner with their neighbors.  The grant is up to $500 per event, excluding alcoholic beverages.

Goal:  To have fun hanging out with neighbors over a meal while learning a little more of their story.


o   Buy burgers, brats, hot dogs for a neighborhood block party

o   Buy and smoke meat for neighbors

o   Invite several neighbors over for steak and sides

o   Provide Kona Ice for a neighborhood block party (kona-ice.com)

* When throwing a party, it is often helpful to have neighbors provide side dishes as the host provides the main dish.  This creates a greater sense of community and “buy-in” from your neighbors.


Questions to help you get to know your neighbors:

o   How long have you been in the neighborhood and what brought you here?

o   Are you traveling anywhere this summer?

o   What are you passionate about?

o   What has been the best thing that has happen to you this last year?

o   What has been the hardest thing that has happened to you this last year?

If interested in receiving this grant, please contact Adam Long here for a “Neighborhood Parties on Us” grant application.

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