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In response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, our mission partner, Steiger International is working to effectively coordinate rescue and relief efforts, establish sustainable rhythms for the people, and make viable plans for a situation that will have countless long-term consequences.

Doing work in Ukraine and neighboring countries, Steiger ministries are networking with churches and other ministries across Europe, creating a pipeline for essential supplies from a receiving facility in Poland, across the border to a warehouse in Lviv, Ukraine. From there, these essential items go out for distribution by the Steiger Ukraine team and others serving in the nation, reaching those in desperate need. Steiger’s Poland team is also coordinating the reception of many refugees crossing the border into Poland, setting up a network of those offering assistance, hospitality, and jobs.

In addition, through church networking, Steiger has developed a hospitality network across Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova, including  more than 70 locations and thousands of beds for Ukrainian refugees.

Steiger Ukraine teams in Dnipro, Poltava, and Chernivtsi are going to the streets and train stations of their cities daily to feed people, pray for them, and even leading some to Christ. 

As you continue to join in prayer for this situation, please also prayerfully consider how you can support through donating to Steiger here.




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