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Through Soul Care, God helps us overcome sin, wounds, and warfare so He can reach new places in our hearts with His love and enlarge our vision of His glory. Seeing and loving God transforms us.


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“And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image.” 2 Corinthians 3:18

God’s glory—His power, beauty and love—are meant to enthrall us and make us more like Jesus.

But sin, wounds and spiritual warfare damage the eyes of our hearts, blinding us to God. So we live with anxiety, depression or persistent sins. And we have difficulty with Jesus’ commands: “Love the Lord your God,” and “Love your neighbor.”

Soul Care helps us recover our vision through:

  • Spiritual Direction
  • Prayer for Healing
  • Teaching
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Counseling (on occasion)

Through Soul Care, God’s love reaches new places in our hearts: we “see” more of Him. Seeing and loving God transforms us.

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Faithfulness in Prayer
(Don’t give up!)

Jesus taught us to “always pray and not give up.” Healing can be progressive, so if we do not experience the healing we seek the first time we receive prayer, we can come back again, and again.

Faithful Humility
(When God doesn’t do what we want)
God does not always do what we ask. As we seek healing, we commit to understanding that His ways are greater, and His desires may be different from ours. We may want physical healing, but He may want to heal our hearts. We commit to seeking God for the humility to accept the gifts He offers.

Faith in God’s Goodness
(Trusting God through suffering)
When we suffer, we can doubt God’s goodness and faithfulness. We commit to seeking God to help us trust His goodness, faithfulness and love, even if our suffering is not alleviated in the way we desire.

Faith in God’s Heart for our Healing
(We can ask God for faith)
God delights in our welfare, and He has the power to heal us. At the end of the age, He will “wipe every tear” from our eyes. We reject the idea that when God does not heal us now, it is simply because we lack faith. (Each of us will one day die, and even the apostle Paul did not receive a physical healing.) At the same time, we affirm the biblical teaching that we bless God when we trust His unlimited power and goodness, and that sometimes healing follows such faith. We trust God’s promise to give us faith when we ask Him.


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Healing is a mysterious, progressive journey of transformation that begins with our salvation and culminates in our physical death—when we will see Jesus and become like Him. As we walk this journey, God may reveal how sin, wounds, or warfare impede our progress; we may need God’s healing touch. So we are committed to praying for one another’s spiritual, emotional and physical healing. And we joyfully affirm God’s graciousness to heal us as we journey with Him together.

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After-Service Prayer 
Individuals may receive five minutes of prayer ministry after Sunday morning services.

Services of Healing Prayer
Services include worship, a message and five to ten minutes of prayer ministry for each attendee.

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Services of Soaking Prayer

Services include worship and soft music, but no teaching or conversation. Attendees write concerns on a notecard, and prayer teams pray at 15-minute intervals over each attendee.

Available 2018
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Evenings of Healing Prayer (by Appointment)
Each attendee will have a 30-minute session with a prayer team.

Intensive Healing Prayer
Teams of prayer ministers meet with individuals for 1 1/2 – 2 hour prayer ministry sessions.

Meet the Team

Director of Soul Care
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