Join us for worship at Greenwood!



We’d love for you to worship with us! Each week you’ll experience an engaging worship service designed to turn our hearts to the Glory of God through music, prayer and Biblical teaching.

At Greenwood, people wear anything from casual clothing to business attire. Dress how you are comfortable.

Stop by our Info Link in the Narthex (located outside of the Sanctuary) for more information, to meet some of our team and to pick up a free welcome gift. We look forward to meeting you.


Intergenerational Worship (Summer Schedule)

9:30 – 10:45 a.m.
Worship together intergenerationally (Kindergarten – High School) with the younger children (Kindergarten – 5th Grade) dismissed to Kids Worship part way into the services. Care is provided for infants-preschool during our worship services. *Please visit our Home page for any changes to our worship schedule due to holidays or temporary weekend changes.

Equipping Classes for All Ages (Resuming Fall 2018)
To facilitate growth and equip you as a disciple, we offer opportunities to grow in love, knowledge, skill and application of God’s Word. Care is provided for infants-preschool. Please visit our Equipping Hour page for our class schedules and dates.


Sunday mornings at Greenwood are intentionally designed to live out our vision as a Jesus-loving community. We’ve designed our format to facilitate our goals of growing into two of our values: Equipping for Loving Jesus and Intergenerational Life. Along with Kids and Student Ministry, we offer Adult Equipping Classes. During the Worship Services, we worship together intergenerationally (Kindergarten – High School) with the younger children (Kindergarten – 5th Grade) dismissed to Kids Worship part way into the services.

This format was motivated in part by our awareness of the current crisis of so many young people leaving the Church and/or faith after high school. The research shows that young people are much less likely to leave the Church or the faith if they grow up in Jesus-loving families and have a meaningful sense of belonging with their larger church family beyond a youth group. Additionally, we are maximizing our Sunday morning gatherings by providing classes designed to equip adults as followers of Jesus.

We recognize that our inclusion of kids and youth in worship services is different from most evangelical churches and goes against the cultural value of convenience. However, our study of Scripture and the research on youth and faith has led us to the conviction that our worship services must be intergenerational. Our prayer in utilizing this Sunday morning model is for the Spirit to transform us – the youngest to the oldest – into people who genuinely love Jesus and His Church.

Available below  are resources that will give you some of the best thinking and research on kids, youth and faith.