The Invitations of Jesus

A Discipleship Guide

We are committed to cooperating with the Holy Spirit to equip our people to grow as disciples of Jesus. To help achieve this goal, we offer several resources for individuals and small groups including “The Invitations of Jesus: A Discipleship Guide” (a 12 session guide authored by Greenwood Pastors); The Discipleship Assessment (an online assessment tool to help you identify your strengths and areas of growth as you follow Jesus); and three podcasts of the Discipleship Summit where our Pastors introduced the Guide and Assessment to our congregation.


The Invitations of Jesus

A Discipleship Guide

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life? Does your heart ever ache for more than seems offered in a culture obsessed with self? Could there be more meaning, more joy, more love, more peace, more kindness, more healing, more hope? We believe there is more. We believe there is so much more to life because Jesus offers us more – a quality of life beyond the ordinary. The very best life there is – the life God created us to live. Jesus offers us LIFE with Him in God’s beautiful Kingdom (John 10:10). We desire for you to experience LIFE with Jesus, because there’s more!



Discipleship Self-Assessment

Print the Discipleship Assessment document and highlight the statement on each horizontal line that best reflects where your heart is today.

Just like getting an annual physical to evaluate your health, this assessment is designed to give you a snapshot of your spiritual health and opportunities to grow.

Before taking the assessment, read through the Opening Concepts section in the Discipleship Guide. Make sure you’re in a quiet place where you can reflect and answer each question as honestly as possible (about 10 minutes).asdf


Listen to the Discipleship Summit

During the Discipleship Summit, we heard about the heart and vision for discipleship at Greenwood.
As a resource to small group leaders and others, the three summit sessions are available below.

Session 1: Kay Morrison

– What is a Disciple?
– Foundational Truths and Five Phases of Spiritual Growth

Session 1

Session 2: Doug Brown

– Starting Point: Good News

Session 2

Session 3: Adam Long

– How to Use the Discipleship Guide.

Session 3